The homeobox genes are a large and diverse group of genes, many of which play important roles in the embryonic development of animals. Increasingly, homeobox genes are being compared between genomes in an attempt to understand the evolution of animal development.

If you use HomeoDB, please cite the following publications:
Ying-Fu Zhong and Peter W H Holland (2011) HomeoDB2: functional expansion of a comparative homeobox gene database for evolutionary developmental biology. Evolution & Development. 13:6, 567-568.
Ying-Fu Zhong, Thomas Butts and Peter W H Holland (2008) HomeoDB: a database of homeobox gene diversity. Evolution & Development. 10:5, 516-518.
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(Homo sapiens)
(Mus musculus)
(Gallus gallus)
(Xenopus tropicalis)
(Danio rerio)
amphioxus fly Beetle Bee Worm
(Branchiostoma floridae)
(Drosophila melanogaster)
(Tribolium castaneum)
(Apis mellifera)
(Caenorhabditis elegans)
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