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ANTP Class
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Emx Family
The Emx gene family is named after the Drosophila gene empty spiracles (ems). Human has two Emx family genes on different chromosomes; amphioxus has three genes with at least two of them tandemly arranged (Minguillon et al. 2002, Takatori et al. 2008). Drosophila has two tandemly arranged Emx genes, ems and E5.

Minguillon C. (2002) Gene 287: 121-128.
Takatori N et al (2008) Dev Genes Evol 218: 579-590.
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HOXL subclass
NKL subclass
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EMX1empty spiracles homeobox 1EmxChicken 
EMX2empty spiracles homeobox 2EmxChicken