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ANTP Class
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Gbx Family
The Gbx gene family includes two human genes and one amphioxus gene, related to the Drosophila gene unplugged. The relatively close linkage of mammalian Gbx genes to MNX1 and EN2 originally suggested they may be part of a gene cluster (EHGbox; Pollard and Holland 2000); however subsequent genome sequencing revealed the genes are not immediate neighbours and hence it is more accurate to consider Gbx, Mnx and En genes as derivatives of extensive tandem gene duplication events that gave rise to much of the ANTP class diversity early in animal evolution (Castro and Holland 2003). Amphioxus has a single Gbx gene, in contrast to Ciona which has secondarily lost the gene family; Gbx genes are implicated in development of the vertebrate midbrain/hindbrain boundary (Castro et al. 2006).

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Castro LFC et al. (2006) Developmental Biology 295: 40-51.
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HOXL subclass
NKL subclass
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gbx1gastrulation brain homeobox 1GbxFrog 
gbx2.1gastrulation brain homeobox 2, gene 1 GbxFrog 
gbx2.2gastrulation brain homeobox 2, gene 2GbxFrog