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ANTP Class
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Gsx Family
The Gsx (or Gsh) gene family is related to the Drosophila gene intermediate neuroblasts defective (ind). There is a single amphioxus Gsx gene in the ParaHox gene cluster (Brooke et al. 1998). The two human Gsx genes were generated by genome duplication at the base of the vertebrates; human GSX1 gene (formerly called GSH1) is part of the human ParaHox gene cluster, GSX2 gene (formerly GSH2) is in a paralogous region of the genome (Brooke et al. 1998; Pollard and Holland, 2000). Gsx genes have been widely studied for their roles in neural patterning (reviewed by Cornell and Ohlen 2000). Confusingly, the term Gsx was formerly used for the chicken orthologue of the very distant goosecoid-2 gene (GSC2); goosecoid genes are in the PRD class, while true Gsx genes are in the ANTP class.

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Cornell RA, Ohlen TV (2000) Curr Op. Neurobiol 10:63-71.
Pollard SL, Holland PWH (2000) Curr Biol 10:1059-1062.
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gsx1GS homeobox 1GsxFrog 
gsx2GS homeobox 2GsxFrog