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ANTP Class
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Hox9-13(15) Family
Also known as the 'posterior' Hox genes, these lie at the 5' end of the Hox gene clusters. In human, there are five paralogy groups (9 to 13) each of which existed prior to the duplications that generated HOXA, HOXB, HOXC and HOXD clusters. In amphioxus, there are seven tandemly arranged genes (Hox9 to Hox15) although their precise relationships to the vertebrate paralogy group 9 to 13 genes are unclear (Ferrier et al. 2000; Putnam et al. 2008).

Ferrier DEK (2000) Evol Devel 2: 284-293.
Putnam NH et al (2008) Nature 453: 1064-1072.
Families List of Class ANTP :
HOXL subclass
NKL subclass
Loci in Hox9-13(15) of Mouse back to top..
Hoxa10 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxa11 Hox9-13(15)Mousemmu-mir-181a; mmu-mir-181b
Hoxa13 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxa9 Hox9-13(15)Mousemmu-mir-126
Hoxb13 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxb9 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxc10 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxc11 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxc12 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxc13 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxc9 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxd10 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxd11 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxd12 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxd13 Hox9-13(15)Mouse 
Hoxd9 Hox9-13(15)Mouse