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Mnx Family
The Mnx gene family is named after the motor neuron expression of the vertebrate gene MNR2, described from chicken. While chickens have two members of this gene family, the human genome has lost one; the remaining gene was originally called HLXB9 or HB9 and has been renamed MNX1. Expression of one amphioxus Mnx gene has been described (Ferrier et al. 2000); a second (Mnxb) was found after complete genome sequencing. The Mnxa gene is tightly linked to the ro homeobox gene in amphioxus (Takatori et al. 2008). Drosophila has a single Mnx gene, now called Exex (which is also used as an alternative name for this gene family).

Ferrier DEK et al. (2000) Devel, Genes and Evolution 211:103-107.
Takatori N et al (2008) Dev Genes Evol 218: 579-590.
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