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Nk2.2 Family
The Nk2-2 gene family is named after the NK2 or vnd gene in Drosophila. vnd is not part of the NK or 93DE homeobox gene cluster. In humans, there are two Nk2-2 genes (NKX2-2, NKX2-8), on different chromosomes, generated by genome duplication at the base of the vertebrates. Amphioxus has a single Nk2-2 gene. Nk2-2 genes are usually physically adjacent to Nk2-1 genes.

The nomenclature of Nk2 genes is very confusing. The human genome has seven genes with the prefix NK2; these divide into three distinct gene families as follows: NKX2-1 and NKX2-4 form the Nk2-1 family (with the Drosophila gene scro), NKX2-2 and NKX2-8 form the Nk2-2 family (with the Drosophila gene vnd), NKX2-3, NKX2-5 and NKX2-6 form the NK4 gene family (with the Drosophila gene tin). Renaming the Nk4 genes, for example to CSX1, CSX2, CSX3, would help to simplify the nomenclature.

Holland PWH, Booth HAF, Bruford EA (2007) BMC Biology 5:47.
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