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ANTP Class
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Noto Family
The Noto or Not gene family includes one human gene. The mouse orthologue functions in node morphogenesis, notochordal ciliogenesis, and left-right patterning (Beckers et al. 2007). In Holland et al. (2007) non-mammalian orthologues are not given. However, the NOTO gene may be orthologous to a gene in Xenopus, chick, zebrafish (floating head - flh), amphioxus, Drosophila (CG18599) and the cnidarian Nematostella (EMXLX; Ryan et al. 2006); orthology between NOTO and flh is supported by synteny, although phylogenetic support is weak. Here we accept this putative orthology.

Beckers A et al. (2007) PNAS 104: 15765-15770. Holland PWH, Booth HAF, Bruford EA (2007) BMC Biology 5:47. Ryan JF (2006) Genome Biology 7:R64-R64.
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