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Other Class
unassigned Family
Several loci in the 'unassigned' group are divergent homeobox sequences identified from genome sequences with no or minimal annotation and little supporting data. In other cases, especially in the nematode C. elegans, they are annotated genes but with sequences that are too divergent from them to be placed readily in the current classification. This grouping should not be taken to imply that they are related to each other; indeed, many may belong to known gene families but their divergence has prevented detection of orthology.
Families List of Class Other :
Loci in unassigned of Nematode back to top..
C07E3.6 unassignedNematode 
C50H2.6 unassignedNematode 
ceh-100C. Elegans Homeobox 100unassignedNematode 
ceh-41C. Elegans Homeobox 41unassignedNematode 
ceh-49C. Elegans Homeobox 49unassignedNematode 
ceh-51C. Elegans Homeobox 51unassignedNematode 
ceh-52C. Elegans Homeobox 52unassignedNematode 
ceh-90C. Elegans Homeobox 90unassignedNematode 
ceh-91C. Elegans Homeobox 91unassignedNematode 
F28H6.2 unassignedNematode 
F34D6.2 unassignedNematode 
F45C12.15 unassignedNematode 
R04A9.5 unassignedNematode 
T21B4.17 unassignedNematode 
Y66D12A.5 unassignedNematode