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PRD Class
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Dprx Family
The Dprx gene family contains a single gene in human, and orthologous loci have been found in dog and horse, though not in rodents where the gene has been lost (Zhong and Holland 2011). It has been hypothesized that Dprx arose by tandem duplication and extreme divergence of the Otx gene CRX (Booth and Holland 2007), and distribution data suggest this occurred specifically in the placental mammals. The gene has generated seven retrotransposed pseudogenes in humans.

Booth HAF, Holland PWH (2007) Gene 387:7-14.
Zhong YF, Holland PWH (2011) BMC Evol Biol 11: 169, 204.
Families List of Class PRD :
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DPRXdivergent-paired related homeoboxDprxHuman 
DPRXP1divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 1DprxHuman 
DPRXP2divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 2DprxHuman 
DPRXP3divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 3DprxHuman 
DPRXP4divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 4DprxHuman 
DPRXP5divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 5DprxHuman 
DPRXP6divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 6DprxHuman 
DPRXP7divergent-paired related homeobox pseudogene 7DprxHuman