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PRD Class
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Gsc Family
The Gsc (goosecoid) gene family contains two genes in the human genome, one in amphioxus and one in Drosophila. Although Gsc genes are sometimes referred to as being Bicoid-like, this refers only to the presence of a lysine at homeodomain residue 50 in helix 3 (Gottlieb et al 1998) and not to high sequence similarity. Instead, the amino acid identity at this position has evolved independently: Gsc is a member of the PRD gene class, while Bicoid is a divergent Hox paralogy group 3 gene in the ANTP class. Despite the similar name, Gsc and Gsx genes are also very distantly related: the former in the ANTP class, the latter in the PRD class.

Gottlieb S et al. (1998) Human Molecular Genetics 7: 1497-1505.
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