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PRD Class
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Hbn Family
The founding member of this gene family, the Drosophila gene homeobrain was named according to its expression in embryonic brain and ventral nerve cord (Walldorf et al. 2000). No chordate homologues have been found to date. This is a case of secondary loss in the chordate lineage as the gene has been reported in the cnidarian Nematostella vectensis - NvHBN, accession DQ206231 (Ryan et al. 2006), and the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Howard-Ashby et al. 2006).

Howard-Ashby M et al. (2006) Dev. Biol. 300:74-89.
Ryan JF et al. (2006) Genome Biol. 7(7):R64.
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