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PRD Class
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Obox Family
Obox genes have only been reported from rodents. In mouse they form a giant array of homeobox loci - 6 intron-containing genes and 28 intronless loci on chromosome 7 - plus two dispersed pseudogenes (Rajkovic et al 2002; Zhong and Holland 2011). Obox genes are implicated in the reproductive biology of rodents.

Rajkovic A et al (2002) Genomics 79: 711-717.
Zhong YF, Holland PWH (2011) BMC Evol Biol 11: 169, 204.
Families List of Class PRD :
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Gm10678 OboxMouse 
Gm10679 OboxMouse 
Gm3959 OboxMouse 
Gm3965 OboxMouse 
Gm3968 OboxMouse 
Gm3977 OboxMouse 
Gm3980 OboxMouse 
Gm3981 OboxMouse 
Gm3984 OboxMouse 
Gm3987 OboxMouse 
Gm3989 OboxMouse 
Gm3994 OboxMouse 
Gm3996 OboxMouse 
Gm3998 OboxMouse 
Gm4001 OboxMouse 
Gm4003 OboxMouse 
Gm4014 OboxMouse 
Gm4016 OboxMouse 
Gm4018 OboxMouse 
Gm4023 OboxMouse 
Gm4745 OboxMouse 
Gm4830 OboxMouse 
Gm4897 OboxMouse 
Gm5496 OboxMouse 
Gm5889 OboxMouse 
Gm8040 OboxMouse 
Gm8053 OboxMouse 
Gm8057 OboxMouse 
Gm8064 OboxMouse 
Gm8072 OboxMouse 
LOC100417000 OboxMouse 
Obox1 OboxMouse 
Obox2 OboxMouse 
Obox3 OboxMouse 
Obox5 OboxMouse 
Obox6 OboxMouse