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Otx Family
The Otx (or otd) gene family was originally defined by the Drosophila gene orthodenticle (otd), also called ocelliless (oc), and two orthologues in mouse and human (OTX1, OTX2). Attention was drawn to their shared expression in anterior body regions and the developing brain (Simeone et al.1992). It was later shown that a third Otx gene (CRX), expressed in eye development, is present in humans and other vertebrates (Plouhinec et al. 2003). (The CRX gene would ideally be named OTX3 except that this name was formerly used erroneously for the distantly related Dmbx gene). There is also one OTX2 pseudogene in humans. Amphioxus has a single Otx gene.

Simeone A et al. (1992) Nature 358:687-690.
Plouhinec J-L et al. (2003) Mol Biol Evol 20:513-521.
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