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ZF Class
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Tshz Family
There are three human genes and one amphioxus gene in the Tshz (teashirt) homeobox gene family, with the ZF (zinc finger) homeobox gene class. The gene family is named after the Drosophila orthologue teashirt (tsh) although this zinc finger gene lacks a homeobox in Drosophila.
Families List of Class ZF :
Loci in Tshz of Zebrafish back to top..
LOC558522similar to zinc finger protein 537TshzZebrafish 
tshz1teashirt family zinc finger 1TshzZebrafish 
tshz2teashirt zinc finger homeobox 2TshzZebrafish 
tshz3bteashirt zinc finger homeobox 3bTshzZebrafish