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ANTP Class
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The ANTP class is the largest of the homeobox gene classes in animal genomes. Thus far, these genes have only been found in animals. The ANTP class derives its name from (but is not an abbreviation for) the Antennapedia (Antp) gene of Drosophila. Although the best known ANTP class genes are the Hox genes, these comprise a minority of ANTP class genes. The human and mouse genomes each have 39 HOX genes, amongst a total of 100 ANTP genes (Holland et al. 2007; Zhong and Holland, 2011); there are also 19 ANTP pseudogenes described in the human genome and 2 in mouse. The amphioxus genome has 60 ANTP genes including 15 Hox genes (Takatori et al. 2008); Drosophila melanogaster has 47 ANTP class genes.

Following Holland et al. (2007) we subdivide the ANTP class into numerous gene families (e.g. 37 families in human); these are sometimes grouped into two relatively well-supported subclasses (HOXL and the NKL subclasses, meaning Hox-like and NK-like), although a few genes are hard to place in either the HOXL and NKL groups; another suggestion is to divide the class on the basis of chromosomal position (Hox-linked and NK-linked; Ferrier 2010).

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Families List of Class ANTP :
HOXL subclass
NKL subclass
Loci in ANTP of Nematode back to top..
ceh-1C. Elegans Homeobox 1Nk1Nematode 
ceh-12C. Elegans Homeobox 12MnxNematode 
ceh-13C. Elegans Homeobox 13Hox1Nematode 
ceh-16C. Elegans Homeobox 16EnNematode 
ceh-19C. Elegans Homeobox 19AboxNematode 
ceh-2C. Elegans Homeobox 2EmxNematode 
ceh-22 C. Elegans Homeobox 22Nk2.2Nematode 
ceh-23C. Elegans Homeobox 23EmxNematode 
ceh-24C. Elegans Homeobox 24Nk2.1Nematode 
ceh-27C. Elegans Homeobox 27Nk2.1Nematode 
ceh-28C. Elegans Homeobox 28Nk4Nematode 
ceh-30C. Elegans Homeobox 30BarhlNematode 
ceh-31C. Elegans Homeobox 31BarhlNematode 
ceh-43C. Elegans Homeobox 43DlxNematode 
ceh-5C. Elegans Homeobox 5VaxNematode 
ceh-7C. Elegans Homeobox 7VaxNematode 
ceh-9C. Elegans Homeobox 9Nk7Nematode 
cog-1Connection Of Gonad defectiveNk6Nematodecel-lsy-6
egl-5EGg Laying defectiveHox6-8Nematode 
lin-39abnormal cell LINeage 39Hox4Nematode 
mab-5Male ABnormal 5Hox6-8Nematode 
mls-2Mesodermal Lineage SpecificationNk5/HmxNematode 
nob-1kNOB-like posterior (NO Backside)Hox9-13(15)Nematode 
pal-1Posterior ALae in malesCdxNematode 
pha-2defective PHArynx developmentHhexNematode 
php-3Posterior Hox gene ParalogHox9-13(15)Nematode 
R06F6.6 RoNematode 
tab-1Touch ABnormalBsxNematode 
vab-15Variable ABnormal morphology 15MsxNematode 
vab-7Variable ABnormal morphology 7EvxNematode