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CUT Class
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Homeobox genes in the CUT class (named after the Drosophila gene cut) encode proteins with one or more ~75-amino acid CUT domains N-terminal to a 60-amino acid homeodomain. There are three families of CUT class genes in the human genome (Onecut, Cux, Satb); a fourth gene family (Cmp) is present in invertebrates but not vertebrates. Bürglin and Cassata have proposed that the Satb genes evolved from Cmp genes. There are seven CUT-class homeobox genes in the human genome and three pseudogenes (Holland et al. 2007); amphioxus has four CUT-class homeobox genes.

Bürglin TR, Cassata G (2002) Int J Dev Biol 2002, 46:115-123.
Holland PWH, Booth HAF, Bruford EA (2007) BMC Biology 5:47.
Families List of Class CUT :
Loci in CUT of Zebrafish back to top..
Cux2-lCux2 likeCuxZebrafish 
LOC100000073one cut domain family member 2-likeOnecutZebrafish 
LOC571757special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1-likeSatbZebrafish 
Onecut-lOnecut likeOnecutZebrafish 
onecut1one cut domain, family member 1OnecutZebrafish 
onecut3one cut homeobox 3OnecutZebrafish 
onecutlone cut domain, family member, likeOnecutZebrafish 
satb2SATB homeobox 2SatbZebrafish 
si:ch211-251d10.5Cux likeCuxZebrafish