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LIM Class
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The LIM homeobox gene class includes proteins with LIM domains (zinc-finger-containing protein-protein interaction domains) and a homeodomain. There are other genes that encode LIM domains but not homeodomains; these are not included. The term LIM is derived from the nematode lin-11, mammalian Isl1 and nematode mec-3 genes. There are 12 LIM class homeobox genes in the human genome, in six gene families, and no pseudogenes. There are 7 LIM class homeobox genes in amphioxus (Takatori et al. 2008)

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Families List of Class LIM :
Loci in LIM of Nematode back to top..
ceh-14C. Elegans Homeobox 14Lhx3/4Nematode 
lim-4LIM domain familyLhx6/8Nematode 
lim-6LIM domain familyLmxNematode 
lim-7LIM domain family 7IslNematode 
lin-11abnormal cell LINeageLhx1/5Nematode 
mec-3MEChanosensory abnormality 3Lhx1/5Nematode 
ttx-3abnormal ThermoTaXis 3Lhx2/9Nematode