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Other Class
A few homeobox genes are found in species that are currently difficult to place in any of the 11 established homeobox gene classes using molecular phylogenetic methods. It is likely that these arose by duplication and significant divergence from known homeobox genes; hence, future research may reveal the origin and evolutionary relationships of these genes.
Families List of Class Other :
Loci in Other of Frog back to top..
bix1.1Brachyury-inducible homeobox 1, gene 1 BixFrog 
bix1.2Brachyury-inducible homeobox 1, gene 2BixFrog 
bix1.3Brachyury-inducible homeobox 1, gene 3BixFrog 
bixlBrachyury-inducible homeobox likeBixFrog 
chrUn.1 unassignedFrog 
chrUn.2 unassignedFrog 
chrUn.3 unassignedFrog 
fp1frog partial homeobox 1unassignedFrog 
gsclgsc likeunassignedFrog 
mix1mix1 homeoboxunassignedFrog 
mixermix-like endodermal regulator unassigned Frog 
mxtxlmxtx homeobox likeunassignedFrog 
sebox-lsebox homeobox likeunassignedFrog 
sia1siamois homeodomain 1SiaFrog 
sial-1siamois homeobox like 1SiaFrog 
sial-2siamois homeobox like 2SiaFrog 
sial-3siamois homeobox like 3SiaFrog 
sial-4siamois homeobox like 4SiaFrog 
sial-5siamois homeobox like 5SiaFrog