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PRD Class
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The PRD class is the second largest of the homeobox gene classes in animal genomes; like the ANTP class these genes have only been found in animals. The PRD class derives its name from (but is not an abbreviation for) the Paired (Prd) gene of Drosophila. PRD class genes are defined phylogenetically - they form a robust monophyletic group in evolutionary trees of homeodomain sequences. The PRD homeobox class overlaps with the Pax gene class - some but not all Pax genes are in the PRD homeobox gene class, while the vast majority of PRD class homeobox genes are not Pax genes.

There are 9 Pax genes in the human or mouse genomes, defined by presence of a 128 amino acid Paired domain, and of these 7 are members of the PRD homeobox class by virtue of possessing a homeobox: complete homeobox for PAX3, 4, 6 and 7; partial homeobox for PAX2, 5 and 8 (the two human Pax genes lacking a homeobox entirely are PAX1 and PAX9; these are not included in this database). In addition to these 7 homeobox-containing Pax genes, there are a further 43 PRD class genes in the human genome. These 50 genes can be divided into 31 gene families. There are also 24 human pseudogenes generated from these genes, plus an unknown number of DUX repetitive sequences (Holland et al. 2007).

In amphioxus there are 5 Pax genes, and of these 3 are have a partial or complete homeobox (Pax-1/9 and Pon are the two lacking homeobox sequence and therefore excluded; Pon is present in Drosophila and amphioxus, but not human). In addition to these genes, there are a further 27 PRD class genes in amphioxus (Takatori et al. 2008).

Holland PWH, Booth HAF, Bruford EA (2007) BMC Biology 5:47.
Takatori N et al (2008) Dev Genes Evol 218: 579-590.
Families List of Class PRD :
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Alx1 AlxMouse 
Alx3 AlxMouse 
Alx4 AlxMouse 
Arx ArxMouse 
Crx OtxMouse 
Dmbx1 DmbxMouse 
Dux DuxMouse 
Duxbl DuxMouse 
Esx1 EsxMouse 
Gm10391 DuxMouse 
Gm10394 DuxMouse 
Gm10678 OboxMouse 
Gm10679 OboxMouse 
Gm14544 RhoxMouse 
Gm3959 OboxMouse 
Gm3965 OboxMouse 
Gm3968 OboxMouse 
Gm3977 OboxMouse 
Gm3980 OboxMouse 
Gm3981 OboxMouse 
Gm3984 OboxMouse 
Gm3987 OboxMouse 
Gm3989 OboxMouse 
Gm3994 OboxMouse 
Gm3996 OboxMouse 
Gm3998 OboxMouse 
Gm4001 OboxMouse 
Gm4003 OboxMouse 
Gm4014 OboxMouse 
Gm4016 OboxMouse 
Gm4018 OboxMouse 
Gm4023 OboxMouse 
Gm4745 OboxMouse 
Gm4830 OboxMouse 
Gm4897 OboxMouse 
Gm4981 DuxMouse 
Gm5496 OboxMouse 
Gm5889 OboxMouse 
Gm8040 OboxMouse 
Gm8053 OboxMouse 
Gm8057 OboxMouse 
Gm8064 OboxMouse 
Gm8072 OboxMouse 
Gsc GscMouse 
Gsc2 GscMouse 
Hesx1 HesxMouse 
Hopx HopxMouse 
Isx IsxMouse 
LOC100417000 OboxMouse 
LOC100504180 DuxMouse 
Mixl1 MixMouse 
Nobox NoboxMouse 
Obox1 OboxMouse 
Obox2 OboxMouse 
Obox3 OboxMouse 
Obox5 OboxMouse 
Obox6 OboxMouse 
Otp OtpMouse 
Otx1 OtxMouse 
Otx2 OtxMouse 
Pax2 Pax2/5/8Mouse 
Pax3 Pax3/7Mousemmu-mir-1; mmu-mir-206
Pax4 Pax4/6Mouse 
Pax5 Pax2/5/8Mouse 
Pax6 Pax4/6Mouse 
Pax7 Pax3/7Mousemmu-mir-206; mmu-mir-486
Pax8 Pax2/5/8Mouse 
Phox2a PhoxMouse 
Phox2b PhoxMouse 
Pitx1 PitxMouse 
Pitx2 PitxMouse 
Pitx3 PitxMouse 
Prop1 PropMouse 
Prrx1 PrrxMouse 
Prrx2 PrrxMouse 
Prrxl1 DrgxMouse 
Rax RaxMouse 
Rhox1 RhoxMouse 
Rhox10 RhoxMouse 
Rhox11 RhoxMouse 
Rhox12 RhoxMouse 
Rhox13 RhoxMouse 
Rhox2a RhoxMouse 
Rhox2b RhoxMouse 
Rhox2c RhoxMouse 
Rhox2d RhoxMouse 
Rhox2e RhoxMouse 
Rhox2f RhoxMouse 
Rhox2g RhoxMouse 
Rhox2h RhoxMouse 
Rhox3-ps RhoxMouse 
Rhox3a RhoxMouse 
Rhox3b RhoxMouse 
Rhox3c RhoxMouse 
Rhox3e RhoxMouse 
Rhox3f RhoxMouse 
Rhox3g RhoxMouse 
Rhox3h RhoxMouse 
Rhox4a RhoxMouse 
Rhox4b RhoxMouse 
Rhox4c RhoxMouse 
Rhox4d RhoxMouse 
Rhox4e RhoxMouse 
Rhox4f RhoxMouse 
Rhox4g RhoxMouse 
Rhox6 RhoxMouse 
Rhox7 RhoxMouse 
Rhox8 RhoxMouse 
Rhox9 RhoxMouse 
Sebox SeboxMouse 
Shox2 ShoxMouse 
Uncx UncxMouse 
Vsx1 VsxMouse 
Vsx2 VsxMouse