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ZF Class
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Genes in the ZF (zinc finger) class encode proteins with zinc finger motifs in addition to one or more homeodomains. There are 14 members of the ZF homeobox gene class in the human genome (plus one pseudogene), which can be divided into five distinct gene families. There are many additional zinc finger-containing genes in the human genome that do not contain homeobox sequences; these are not included in the ZF homeobox gene class. As argued by Holland et al. (2007), it is logical to include the HOMEZ gene in the ZF class, even though it does not encode zinc fingers, because its homeodomain sequences are clearly related to those encoded by some of the ZF genes. Amphioxus has five ZF-class genes.

Bayarsaihan D et al. (2003) , Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 100:10358-10363.
Holland PWH, Booth HAF, Bruford EA (2007) BMC Biology 5:47.
Families List of Class ZF :
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Adnp AdnpMouse 
Adnp2 AdnpMouse 
Homez Zhx/HomezMouse 
Tshz1 TshzMouse 
Tshz2 TshzMouse 
Tshz3 TshzMouse 
Zeb1 ZebMouse 
Zeb2 ZebMouse 
Zfhx2 ZfhxMouse 
Zfhx3 ZfhxMouse 
Zfhx4 ZfhxMouse 
Zhx1 Zhx/HomezMouse 
Zhx2 Zhx/HomezMouse 
Zhx3 Zhx/HomezMouse