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Species involved currently
Human:  Homo sapiens, GRCh37 (hg19),   GRC
Mouse:  Mus musculus, C57BL/6J (NCBI Build 37),   NCBIMouse Genome Sequencing Consortium
Chicken:  Gallus gallus, Gallus_gallus-2.1,   NCBIBirdBase
Zebrafish:  Danio rerio, Zv9,   SangerNCBI
Frog:  Xenopus tropicalis, v4.2,   JGI
Amphioxus:  Branchiostoma floridae, Branchiostoma floridae v2.0,   JGI
Fruitfly:  Drosophila melanogaster, Release 5.30 (NCBI Build 9.4),   NCBIFlyBase
Beetle:  Tribolium castaneum, Tribolium castaneum 3.0 Assembly (Tcas 3.0),   NCBIBCM
Honeybee:  Apis mellifera, Amel_4.5,   NCBIBCM
Nematode:  Caenorhabditis elegans, WS220,   WormBase

Genes Distribution in Classes
number in bracket indicates number of psudogenes or unassigned sequences.
ANTP100 (19)100 (2)68 (12)129 (2) (1)112 (1)6047453930
PRD66 (32)86 (31)28 (1)51 (2)35 (2)2928252517
LIM121210 (2)201276887
POU16 (8)166 (2)191975644
HNF33362 (1)4   1
TALE20 (10)22 (1)11 (2)291698865
CUT7 (3)74 (2)9743336
ZF14 (1)1411171452212
CERS555 (1)321121 
Other4 (5)6 (11) (1)16 (2)11 (8)3 2215

Update Logs
2011-08 HomeoDB2 released.
2011-07 Homoebox genes dataset updated for Fruitfly from genome assembly 5.0 to 5.30, Honeybee from 2.0 to 4.5, and Nematode from WS215 to WS220(HomeoDB v3.5.3).
2011-06 Homoebox genes dataset updated for Amphioxus from genome assembly v1.0 to v2.0, and Zebrafish from Zv8 to Zv9(HomeoDB v3.5.2).
2011-05 Frog homeobox genes dataset added (HomeoDB v3.5).
2011-02 Zebrafish homeobox genes dataset added (HomeoDB v3.4).
2011-01 Chicken homeobox genes dataset added (HomeoDB v3.3).
2011-01 Human homeobox genes updated based on GRCh37.p2 (HomeoDB v3.2).
2010-08 Homeobox genes of Nematode (Caenorhabditis elegans) added (HomeoDB v3.1).
2010-08 Functional updated, adding three functions and a summary page(HomeoDB v3.0): Download sequence, Compare homeobox genes between species, BLAST to HomeoDB to indentify and classify your sequence(s), and Summary page (this page) for a general knowledge of HomeoDB;
2010-06 Mouse homeobox genes dataset added (HomeoDB v2.0);
2009-12 Human homeobox genes dataset updated (HomeoDB v1.3), according to new assembly of human genome GRCh37;
2008-06 Amphioxus, Beetle and Honeybee homeobox genes dataset added (HomeoDB v1.2);
2008-05 HomeoDB v1.0 released;
2006 Initiated.